Legendary Status Video Games

There are countless good games, there are also countless bad games, there are lots of games we consider good and a few that we call great! But there are so little that we consider…Legendary! Recently I just finished Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain it was amazing! To the point that during our Podcast episode that week I mentioned that I have to give this game Legendary status, then it got me thinking what other games I would give Legendary status to as well!

Super Mario 3

My favourite game of all time, so I had to choose it! Completely changed the franchise, made platforms game into a real genre, brought in elements of viewing the map, choosing your level and powerups. More than 30 years later it’s still replay able and aged amazingly.

Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

When you see lists of Greatest Games of All Time, chances are this game is always at least in the top 5! While it visually hasn’t aged very well, the gameplay is still solid and the story is incredible. It really pushed the series to new limits, gave Zelda real character traits, brought a real story to the series and gave us a end boss battle which was well ahead of its time!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The most recent title on this list and the most recent game I’ve played. For the longest time Snake Eater was my favourite Metal Gear Solid game and would’ve made this list, till now! With some moments that literally disturbed me more than Silent Hill, an intense story, amazing action sequences and a villain who you never really disagreed with! With being such a recent title, this game will be timeless visually and gameplay wise!

Resident Evil 4

While the remakes of Resident Evil 2 & 3 are now for me considered the best in the series, they can’t touch the legacy this game provided. I’m not a fan of first person shooters, so the over the shoulder view is a perfect mix which we see more often now. Leon has always been the best male character in the series and with more complex gameplay mechanics which have translated to further titles of the series! I am just waiting to see how the remake of this game will be when it eventually comes.

Street Fighter 2

Fighting games weren’t too common back in the 90s, but this game changed that! When you think of 90’s arcade games this game is always one of the first ones we think of. With a variety a characters to choose form and having special movies by using the controls in a way that wasn’t used before. This game is still just as loved as it was when it first came out with multiple remakes!

Arkham Asylum

Superhero games were garbage for the longest time, even when we had hope of greatness it turned out to be garbage, till this one came out! A great story, strong characterization, open world mechanics and feeling like you’re actually Batman. Arkham Asylum set a new standard for Superhero games that will change this genre!

Mortal Kombat

While Street Fighter 2 established the fighting series, this game I feel truly perfected it! It wasn’t only just a revolutionary fighter it changed gaming history! Games were considered a childish hobby aimed at kids before this game from. So many parents were mortified by how violent this game is and had no warning! Hell this game resulted in the creation of the ERSB! While not the best title in the series or even the genre, it changed fighters and mature orientated games forever!

Mario Kart

Racing games were a dime a dozen, especially in the arcade days when they had the drivable car unit and the home games weren’t very fun. But this one was made for the home and made to be fun! Always a title we’re always looking forward to when a new Nintendo system comes out, you were able to play with multiple people, it included a battle mode which was new in racing and there have been multiple attempts at cloning the game formula. However Mario Kart will always be Mario Kart and any similar game will just be considered a rip off!


Wolfenstien is the first First-Person Shooter, but this game brought the genre to main stream. It was also another game besides Mortal Kombat that was geared towards an older audience. When most of us talk about original First-Person Shooters this one comes up. It was also the first console game to be rated M by the ESRB!


It has to be here, it is one of the first games we’ve played in our lives, it’s also one of the most commonly played games by anyone. Puzzle games are an addicting genre and this is one we always think of!


Back when sports games were fun! EA has a major monopoly on the sports game genera, however we will always talk about old fun sports game and we always bring this one up! It was fun, it was challenging it was the standard we set for future sports game and we all want to go back to it! Boomshakalaka!

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