Mulan Review

I’ve been saying that Disney is just being ridiculous with their live action remakes, it started off as a cool thing, but has now become too much. Not every movie needs to be made into “live action” (Looking at you Lion King). I also feel they made a huge mistake with making this film a digital purchase, it had a lot of blockbuster potential and could’ve paved the way for more female lead Disney movies.

I was never a big fan of the original Mulan however, I feel like I need to go back and watch it again, maybe I’ll appreciate it more. First of all casting was near perfect, Yifei Liu was amazing as Mulan, brave, strong, independent and fragile. The majority of the supporting cast was great as well, each of the supporting cast had their own unique personality and quirks. The battles were amazingly choreographed and the filming was beautiful. It also brought a much stronger family dynamic that the original film didn’t have much of. And despite this being made as a remake, it felt like it’s own film.

So let’s start with Why The Hell Wasn’t Mushu In The Movie?! Seriously, there was no point in not having him there! Also the main villain was pretty forgettable and frankly they could’ve done more having Xian Lang, she easily could’ve overthrown Bori Khan and take control ofthe army. While the fight choreography was amazing, they looked and felt choreographed and barely any natural feel to the fight scenes. It brings back the feelings of Wire fu that vintage Martial Arts films had. Much of the dialogue was quite cliché and predictable, especially after Mulan was discovered to be a woman, which frankly was a dead giveaway from the start!

At this point, Disney please stop with the remakes, we’re sick of them and they seem to be getting worse. I give this a 6.5/10


  • Yifei Liu as Mulan
  • Beautifully filmed
  • Felt like it’s own movie rather than a remake


  • Villains
  • No Mushu!
  • Predictable and cliché dialogue

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