Why Your Collection Isn’t As Valuable As You Think!

We all at some point or are still collectors, whether it’s comics, action figures, sports cards, movies, albums and etc. We’ve been collectors, we enjoy it and some of us do it so the item increase in value then you can sell it at a later date. Or so we thought…

I’ve been noticing something lately, collectables are losing their value. Some are still hold and increase in value, but the majority of them aren’t. And it seems that the culprit behind this is the Facebook Marketplace.

While I don’t have the desire to collect things like I used to, I every so often look around to see what’s there, there is a lot! A lot to the point where it’s not as expensive as you thought it would be. The devaluation is all about basic economics, Supply and Demand, before we would have to go hunting for certain collectables because it was hard to find them and the supply seemed limited.

But the lack of supply really was an illusion, we just didn’t have the resources to find it, it was either thrift stores, conventions or comic book stores. But now, people are selling them readily available to you and easy to find.

One thing I notice a lot is old Disney VHS tapes, you’d think that movies that were discontinued from production would be difficult to find and hold a strong value, but I’ve seen them go for as low as $5! It could be that the seller is unsure of its value, or it could be that the seller wasn’t able to sell that they could it was worth and got a hard reality check.

Either way, if you’re collecting for fun keep it up, don’t stop. But if you’re collecting expecting it to increase in value, you’re going to be waiting a long time for that to happen.

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