Covid-19 Chronicles Part 8: Control The Bad Habits!

Covid 19

I feel this is something that needs to be said before it gets worse for everyone. We’re all Social Distancing and under Self Quarantine and it sucks, it gets boring, lonely and redundant. And with no real Endgame in sight, it just feels like it’s never ending. Unfortunately it puts us into a vulnerable situation where we could be using substances to cope with it more than usual. Continue reading “Covid-19 Chronicles Part 8: Control The Bad Habits!”

COVID-19 Chronicles Part 7: How To Talk To Each Other!

Corona Virus

We’re all feeling alone and most just miss hanging out with one another. Social Distancing is taking a toll on us emotionally and the boredom is getting painful! However, it doesn’t have to be this way there are many ways for us stay in contact with one another and hang out albeit virtually/digitally! Here are some apps I’ve used lately which have helped me stay in touch with family and friends while COVID-19 is stopping us from fully living our lives! Continue reading “COVID-19 Chronicles Part 7: How To Talk To Each Other!”

Videogames Which Would Make Great Anime

Gaming AnimeSince most live action adaptations of videos well you know…suck! It seems an animated version would be a better option since it doesn’t have to be as grounded. I just finished the Castlevania animie series on Netflix and it was absolutely spectacular! It was brutal, the art direction was beautiful, it was well animated, written with great characters and has a great ongoing story. I am not a big anime fan but this show really set a high standard for shows based on videogames! It also made me think, which shows could do better as an anime rather than live action and here is what I came up with! Continue reading “Videogames Which Would Make Great Anime”

Covid 19 Chronicles Part 5: Making The Best Of The Time

Covid 19We can talk about how much we dislike people, how Social Distancing and Self Quarantine is how some of us “normally live” but the reality is, this sucks! This whole situation does suck, we’re missing little things like having a drink at the bar, going to the movies, chilling at Starbucks, giving someone a high 5, just basically normal things which we never thought we legitimately took for granted. Sure we can have virtual hangouts via Skype, Zoom and Facetime but it’s not the same. But unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it, we can only make the best of what we’ve got. Right now the majority of us have a lot of time on our hands and here are some ideas of how to make the best of
this time. Continue reading “Covid 19 Chronicles Part 5: Making The Best Of The Time”

Onward Review

Onward ReviewTheatres are closed and I was really looking forward to watching Onward but won’t get a chance to. However, thankfully Disney allowed this go to digital basically right away and I am so glad they did! Majority of Pixar movies besides Coco and Inside Out have been sequels so it was great to see an original story again and it was a great one! Continue reading “Onward Review”

COVID-19 Chronicles Part 3: How Will Sports Return?

Covid 19

Who’s been bored without any sports to watch? I am certainly missing watching sports especially how good the Toronto Raptors have been doing this year but it’s all for a best. We watch sports as an escape from reality, for something to cheer for, something to entertain and something to just enjoy. There is a chance that all of our sports will return but there is the chance the seasons are done as we know it. However, should the season resume there should be some changes and I have a few suggestions! Continue reading “COVID-19 Chronicles Part 3: How Will Sports Return?”

COVID-19 Chronicles Part 2: Using Technology To Help

Covid 19A lot of people complain about technology and Social Media, complaining about cellphones but let’s look at how it’s actually helping us keep connected and informed during COVID-19. During our Podcast recording session we were discussing how had this situation happened 20 years ago, we actually would be in a much worse situation because plain and simple, the technology wasn’t there. Continue reading “COVID-19 Chronicles Part 2: Using Technology To Help”

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