Thappad Review

Feel like making yourself depressed? Well give this movie a watch! It deals with a very difficult and uncomfortable topic in a very real way, It was honest, it was brutal, it was real and any other way would’ve been an insult to the audience.

The performances were great from everyone, it made you believe each character in their own respective role whether it’s the main cast or any supporting character. It made you feel a lot of emotions whether it made you sad, depressed or just plain angry. And it really showed great character development throughout and made each character realize their own wrongs.

But it really is a painful movie to watch, not that it’s bad but because of the ignorance of many characters not stepping up to when they should’ve. Also adding an unnecessary plot twist to the main conflict just felt forced. It will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth after you’re done.

Overall, well done movie with great performaces, just painfully depressing. I give this an 8.5/10


  • Well acted by everyone
  • Focused on all characters
  • Raw and real
  • Made you feel a lot of emotions

  • Made you feel a lot of negative emotions
  • Unnecessary plot twist
  • You hate most of the characters
  • Not for everyone

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