Legendary Status Video Games

legendary video games

There are countless good games, there are also countless bad games, there are lots of games we consider good and a few that we call great! But there are so little that we consider…Legendary! Recently I just finished Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain it was amazing! To the point that during our Podcast episode that week I mentioned that I have to give this game Legendary status, then it got me thinking what other games I would give Legendary status to as well! Continue reading “Legendary Status Video Games”

COVID-19 Chronicles Part 3: How Will Sports Return?

Covid 19

Who’s been bored without any sports to watch? I am certainly missing watching sports especially how good the Toronto Raptors have been doing this year but it’s all for a best. We watch sports as an escape from reality, for something to cheer for, something to entertain and something to just enjoy. There is a chance that all of our sports will return but there is the chance the seasons are done as we know it. However, should the season resume there should be some changes and I have a few suggestions! Continue reading “COVID-19 Chronicles Part 3: How Will Sports Return?”

The Ignorance Of Women In Sports!

Women In Sports

First of all, Happy International Women’s Day!  


I consider myself a Male Feminist and take pride in it, as I have many amazing women in my life such as my Mom, Sister, Friends and my beautiful baby Niece. But the thing is I’ve gotten a lot flack for it, it doesn’t bother me because arguing with idiots only bring you down to their level. So this is something I’ve been noticing a lot lately, the ignorance of women in sports. Continue reading “The Ignorance Of Women In Sports!”

Weak Teams With No Future!

Being a sports fan is a thankless thing, it really is. If the team wins we get a moment of happiness, if the team loses we just wasted our time watching them play, either way in the end we get nothing out of it. Granted there are teams which are constantly successful and we get more of those moments of enjoyment out of it, but then there are some who are just painful to watch always and even when they give the false hope of a bright future, they go on to disappoint again and again. Here are some teams who are constantly disappointing and continue to be, with no real bright future in sight!

Continue reading “Weak Teams With No Future!”

Why Your Collection Isn’t As Valuable As You Think!

We all at some point or are still collectors, whether it’s comics, action figures, sports cards, movies, albums and etc. We’ve been collectors, we enjoy it and some of us do it so the item increase in value then you can sell it at a later date. Or so we thought… Continue reading “Why Your Collection Isn’t As Valuable As You Think!”

Make Sports Games Great Again!

Sports Games Suck

Being a sports fan is a thankless thing, sure we’re happy when our teams or athletes win, but we also get upset when they lose as well.  In the end whether they win or lose, we get nothing out of it.  So when we play sports games, we are put into a place where we can see our team win and we’re put into a place where we get to be part of it! Continue reading “Make Sports Games Great Again!”

Why I Don’t Want The Leafs To Win The Cup For 5 Years!

Leafs Stanley CupThe Toronto Maple Leaf’s just made history, as the first team in NHL history to lose to a Zamboni Driver! Growing up in Hamilton, Ontario I’ve been a fan of Toronto teams since I’ve lived here. So as a Toronto sports fan it must seem awkward that I don’t want the Leaf’s to win anytime soon. But in all honesty, I don’t! These are my reasons why! Continue reading “Why I Don’t Want The Leafs To Win The Cup For 5 Years!”

The Legend Of Kobe Bryant

It was the first time I felt I was alive for a legends entire career and saw him die in my lifetime. He was ruthless, he was hated by opposing fans, he never gave a shit about anyone…but he was a living legend. The tragic death of Kobe Bryant was an absolute shock to everyone including myself. When I got the message that he died, I literally thought “Fake News!” right away, I then Googled it and multiple results came up and then finally the confirmation came. Kobe Bryant had died. Continue reading “The Legend Of Kobe Bryant”

Top Sports Moments of the 2010s

Sports are an emotional investment, being a sports fan can take a toll on the mind and soul. But there are those moments we will never forget and will stay with us our whole lives. Here are my top sports moments of the 2010’s. Keep in mind, I am a very biased sports fan! Continue reading “Top Sports Moments of the 2010s”

Active Future First Ballot Hall Of Famers

The Hall Of Fame is the ultimate goal for any athlete. Many can have great careers but still not make it on the first try, but they eventually do. This is not for one sport in particular, but here are a few I feel will be first ballot Hall Of Famers! Continue reading “Active Future First Ballot Hall Of Famers”