RIP Chadwick Boseman

So where do we begin? We know that 2020 has been at best unstable, to the point we’re not surprised with anything anymore, especially the COVID-19 number. But we had a moment that none of us could’ve predicted, Chadwick Boseman passed away…

I remember seeing him in 42, a movie which I feel did not get enough accolades that it deserved, it was painful yet beautiful seeing the way he portrayed Jackie Robinson. At the time, Chadwick was already 37 when he became a household name. It was 3 years away from him becoming a household name taking the mantle of the Black Panther!

The way he portrayed T’Challa was memorable, strong, brave, compassionate and loyal. He made us all love the character of Black Panther, when the majority of us barely knew he existed. Even Simu Liu said, without the way he portrayed Black Panther, there is a strong possibility that Shang-Chi may not even have been discussed!

What I feel however is his strongest legacy was the fact that he portrayed Black Panther and will be immortalized that way. But the fact that he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer in 2016, in that time he did Captain America: Civil War, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame while going through cancer!

The courage, resilience, and determination he had to do finish all the movies while he was still alive, is what truly will leave a mark on our lives. He may have portrayed a fictional king, but the way he left us, made him a real king.

RIP Chadwick, thank you for the impact you left on all of us.

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