Do Game Graphics Need To Improve? Can They?

Video Game Graphics

So I’ve been having this debate with many people late, hardcore gamers, casual gamers and non-gamers and it’s all given very different results.  How good do graphics need to be?  How much more do we need to advance them?  When they did the test animations for Finding Nemo, the originals were deemed too realistic and the animators were told to tone it down.  And that is how I feel the trend is going to eventually go down, at what point is it too much? Continue reading “Do Game Graphics Need To Improve? Can They?”

Legendary Status Video Games

legendary video games

There are countless good games, there are also countless bad games, there are lots of games we consider good and a few that we call great! But there are so little that we consider…Legendary! Recently I just finished Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain it was amazing! To the point that during our Podcast episode that week I mentioned that I have to give this game Legendary status, then it got me thinking what other games I would give Legendary status to as well! Continue reading “Legendary Status Video Games”

Covid 19 Chronicles Part 5: Making The Best Of The Time

Covid 19We can talk about how much we dislike people, how Social Distancing and Self Quarantine is how some of us “normally live” but the reality is, this sucks! This whole situation does suck, we’re missing little things like having a drink at the bar, going to the movies, chilling at Starbucks, giving someone a high 5, just basically normal things which we never thought we legitimately took for granted. Sure we can have virtual hangouts via Skype, Zoom and Facetime but it’s not the same. But unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it, we can only make the best of what we’ve got. Right now the majority of us have a lot of time on our hands and here are some ideas of how to make the best of
this time. Continue reading “Covid 19 Chronicles Part 5: Making The Best Of The Time”

Best Mario Game For Each Nintendo Console!

Mar10Happy Mar10 Day everyone! As a child of the 80’s I grew up on Nintendo and Mario Bros. games, it is not just nostalgia, it’s also a series where there is almost no bad game! So for today I want to talk about my favorite Mario game from each console! Some of main Mario games for each console I never really had the chance to play let alone finish and I currently haven’t started Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch yet so I will skip the Switch. But here they are! Continue reading “Best Mario Game For Each Nintendo Console!”

Videogames Which Would Make Great TV Shows

Video Game TV Show

Despite multiple attempts video game movies have been mainly garbage besides Wreck It Ralph. But I feel that maybe there is just not enough time in a roughly 2 hour time frame to put it all together with the source material. So why not instead, expand the time frame, explore more of the source material and create something great. So here are some games that would benefit from being a tv series rather than a movie. Continue reading “Videogames Which Would Make Great TV Shows”

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