Daniel Craig: The Best Bond, Change My Mind!

So with the latest No Time To Die trailer out, it’s made me hated 2020 even more since I can’t wait to see it however, I’m all but certain it’s going to be delayed again. For me, this era for me has been the best era of the James Bond saga and it also made me realize, Daniel Craig is the best James Bond we’ve had…Hear me out!

Chronological Storyline

Unlike most eras in the James Bond Saga (Connery, Brosnan, Moore) this era actually had storylines which carried over to other movies. Granted Quantum Of Solace was not good, it did carry over from Casino Royale and brought a lot more development to his James Bond. It also showed us from his growth from his rookie mission, to him becoming an established MI-6 Agent to his final mission.

Humanized James Bond

Many times we’ve seen James Bond as a campy, ridiculous one dimensional character however, Daniel Craig portrayed him with a lot range. The way he was traumatized with his first kill in Casino Royale, to the evil smile when he blew up the guy at the airport, and to him breaking down when Vesper and M died. It was a range that was rarely if ever seen by James Bond.

Legitimate Acting

When have you ever seen a James Bond movie where you were impressed by anyone’s acting before the Daniel Craig era? Neither can I! Skyfall had brilliant performances throughout, it was criminal that Javier Bardem didn’t get nominated and not only that, Daniel Craig put in legitimate award worthy performances in each of his films. The way that James Bond has been portrayed, made you feel the ice in his veins of the true cold blooded killer he is!

Diversity and Change

While I still believe that James Bond doesn’t need to be changed to a different Race or Gender, it is paving the way for a another 00 character to be one. Jeffrey Wright was a great Felix Leiter and most people don’t even remember the fact that he started off as a white character. The supporting team/cast is nicely mixed and paves way for a lot more inclusion,

No Time to Die will be the last time we’re going to see Daniel Craig as James Bond and expectations are certainly high, especially since Spectre was a bit of a letdown. However, I believe we are going to see a Masterpiece end this era, who knows what the next era will bring us. Thank you Craig…Daniel Craig!

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