Legendary Status Video Games

There are countless good games, there are also countless bad games, there are lots of games we consider good and a few that we call great! But there are so little that we consider…Legendary! Recently I just finished Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain it was amazing! To the point that during our Podcast... Continue Reading →

EGLX 2019

Before I went on my Euro Trip in 2018, I had gone to EGLX which is basically a video game convention. It was good but we felt it should’ve been bigger and it should be bigger the next time. Not only was this time bigger, it was double the size! So this time the Podcast... Continue Reading →

Gaming Franchise Weakest Link

Even the best franchise has a weak link eventually! Some of them are just a weaker game in the series, some of them are just plain awful! Here are some of my favourite franchises weakest link in their series! Super Mario – Super Mario Sunshine Really Mario doesn’t have any bad games, but this one... Continue Reading →

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