My Top Movies Of The 2010s

In a decade in which I’m sure I’ve seen over 100 movies, it was really hard to narrow down which ones I liked the best. We were in the decade of the MCU, that alone could’ve filled up this list (Besides Dark World) but in the end to not make this list redundant, I only... Continue Reading →

Washington DC

So I had made a quick weekend visit to Washington and it was definitely a spur of the moment last minute decision to go. But I was glad I ended up making the decision to go. I’ve been before but that was a long time ago, 18 years ago to be exact! Washington is one... Continue Reading →

Top TV Shows of the 2010s

So this list will be a little different, it won’t be the show per year, it’ll be shows which have been active within the decade and were still good during the decade (The Office and How I Met Your Mother in the 2010’s was terrible!). Also these are shows that I’ve watched so Game Of... Continue Reading →

Dresden Germany

I can show you as many pictures as possible of Saxen Switzerland and it will still not do any justice, This place was absolutely breath taking! Fun fact, driving here from Berlin was my first time actually driving outside of North America. The weather was perfect, and since it was a lot of walking, going... Continue Reading →

London England

I went on a trip to London a while back, spent the whole week in London, it’s one of my favourite cities on the planet! With historical significance, beautiful architecture, beautiful sights and exciting nightlife, it’s a city I love going to. This time it was a rather short visit, this was the tail-end of... Continue Reading →

Amsterdam Netherlands

Here is one city that is on almost everyone’s travel bucket list and for good reason, Amsterdam is awesome! So if the first thing you’ll notice about the city, there is literally more bikes than there are people. Everyone is biking there to get around, but I decided to just use my feet. So the... Continue Reading →

Zurich Switzerland

This was the least interesting place I went to, but it was more that I spent more time than necessary there. I was definitely visiting Switzerland, my choices came down to Geneva or Zurich, I chose Zurich mainly because of the Uteilberg, the mountain in Zurich. Zurich is a beautiful, when you’re at the top... Continue Reading →

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