Why Your Collection Isn’t As Valuable As You Think!

We all at some point or are still collectors, whether it’s comics, action figures, sports cards, movies, albums and etc. We’ve been collectors, we enjoy it and some of us do it so the item increase in value then you can sell it at a later date. Or so we thought… Continue reading “Why Your Collection Isn’t As Valuable As You Think!”

Superman: Red Son Review

Superman Red Son Review
The DC animated movies have in most part been significantly stronger than the DCEU, they’ve had better stories, take more risks, aren’t afraid to be edgy and have better character development. For the most part…there have been a few which have been terrible, Red Son isn’t terrible, but it certainly didn’t fully live up to the standards and expectations the DC animated movies have created Continue reading “Superman: Red Son Review”

Console Wars Are Coming Back, The Good, Bad and Ugly

Console WarsSo the big 3 are going to be at war again soon with the Switch, the PS5 and the (Stupidly named) Xbox 1 X. It’s been going on since the late 80s, there doesn’t look like there is ever going to be an end to it, but could there possibly be one eventually? Continue reading “Console Wars Are Coming Back, The Good, Bad and Ugly”

Make Sports Games Great Again!

Sports Games Suck

Being a sports fan is a thankless thing, sure we’re happy when our teams or athletes win, but we also get upset when they lose as well.  In the end whether they win or lose, we get nothing out of it.  So when we play sports games, we are put into a place where we can see our team win and we’re put into a place where we get to be part of it! Continue reading “Make Sports Games Great Again!”

Good Newws Review

Good Newwz ReviewIt’s been a while since I’ve seen a Bollywood movie, but this one was up on randomly so I decided to give it a watch. It was really good, dealt with a very sensitive and painful topic in a heartfelt, humorous and entertaining way. This movie was entertaining and relatable as the topic of having difficulty getting conceiving is all too common. Continue reading “Good Newws Review”

Why I Don’t Want The Leafs To Win The Cup For 5 Years!

Leafs Stanley CupThe Toronto Maple Leaf’s just made history, as the first team in NHL history to lose to a Zamboni Driver! Growing up in Hamilton, Ontario I’ve been a fan of Toronto teams since I’ve lived here. So as a Toronto sports fan it must seem awkward that I don’t want the Leaf’s to win anytime soon. But in all honesty, I don’t! These are my reasons why! Continue reading “Why I Don’t Want The Leafs To Win The Cup For 5 Years!”

Sonic The Hedgehog Review

Sonic Review

So when the first trailer came out, we were all expecting a dumpster fire as most video game movie are. Then they actually listened to fans and changed Sonic’s look, then we became cautiously optimistic. But as history has shown, a video game movie is something to be concerned about, but this time the concerns were taken care of! This wasn’t going to be a Uwe Boll piece of shit video game movie, this is now the start of a movie franchise! Continue reading “Sonic The Hedgehog Review”

Birds Of Prey Review

Birds Of Prey Review

Apparently it’s getting a lot of bad reviews and I have no idea why?! So after so long we got a new DC movie, Shazam was a ton of fun so it was finally starting to feel DC was getting their shit together. This one really proved…they are! This was so unexpected of how good it was, it was consistently funny, it was consistently exciting and it made some really ballsey choices! Continue reading “Birds Of Prey Review”

Bombshell Review

Bombshell Review

The #MeToo movement has really helped a lot of people and even saved some. It exposed many creeps for the monsters they really are, to the point you’re in disbelief that what happened, actually happened. That’s what I felt after watching Bombshell, it hard to believe that even people as powerful and popular as Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson…but it did. And it leaves you with a sick feeling in your stomach. Continue reading “Bombshell Review”

1917 Review

There are countless World War 2 movies and plenty are actually really good however, you don’t’ see that many World War 1 movies. Then comes along this masterpiece! I was completely blown away from beginning to end, it was unlike any war movie I’ve ever seen before, not just as a war movie, but as an amazing cinematic experience! Continue reading “1917 Review”