The Best Threequels!

Few movies get sequels which are as good as the original. Then there are some which are better than the original, then they have another sequel knowns as a threequel! However, very few threequels are actually good and they often go on to become the weakest entry into what could’ve been an amazing saga (I’m looking at you Spider-Man 3!).  But there are some which do end up not just being good,  but great! Here’s a few of the best threequels that are not only great, but some are the best of the series itself! Continue reading “The Best Threequels!”

The Legend Of Kobe Bryant

It was the first time I felt I was alive for a legends entire career and saw him die in my lifetime. He was ruthless, he was hated by opposing fans, he never gave a shit about anyone…but he was a living legend. The tragic death of Kobe Bryant was an absolute shock to everyone including myself. When I got the message that he died, I literally thought “Fake News!” right away, I then Googled it and multiple results came up and then finally the confirmation came. Kobe Bryant had died. Continue reading “The Legend Of Kobe Bryant”

Frozen 2 Review

So when Frozen became an unexpected blockbuster it was all but guaranteed a sequel was coming. What was so great about the first one was it was a new and unique story which isn’t seen a lot now. The sequel is here, but did it live up to the hype of the first movie? Continue reading “Frozen 2 Review”

Bad Boys For Life Review

Watcha gonna do, when they come for you? This is a sequel which took way too long to come. It was an 8 year gap between the first 2 and now this one took a 17 year gap! So when it finally came we all thought…Finally! It was worth the wait, but it certainly was too long of a wait. Continue reading “Bad Boys For Life Review”

Why James Bond Shouldn’t Be Female, But How We Can Have A Female 00!

When you’re used to privilege, equality looks like oppression…This is so true, I unfortunately see a lot of backlash and stupidity when it comes to gender and race swapping characters. But the fact is that it’s being done for more diversity and equality. I do however, feel that iconic characters such as Batman, Superman, Captain America and others shouldn’t be changed. Why I feel that there is no reason for James Bond to become a woman, is because there are very easy ways around it! Continue reading “Why James Bond Shouldn’t Be Female, But How We Can Have A Female 00!”

Missing Link Review

So I never even heard about this movie till the Academy Awards nominations were announced and I was curious because it gave me the Wallace and Gromit feel. So I decided to give it a try since I love Stop-Motion (Granted this one is CGI) animation. Continue reading “Missing Link Review”

The Best Sequels

Everything is getting a Part 2 now a days, even some that are unwanted and unnecessary! But sometimes it turns out to be something special. While many feel that you can’t compete with the original, there are some that outdo the original. Here are the best sequels that I’ve seen, keep in mind, these are just part 2 of a franchise and wouldn’t include any part 3 or more. Continue reading “The Best Sequels”

F*** You Martin Scorsese!

Not Cinema! That’s what Martin Scorsese says about the MCU and other similar types of movies. He’s part of an annoying old-school ass backwards generation who doesn’t realize the times are changing. Frankly, I feel he’s jealous these movies are constantly making a billion at the box office while he’s come nowhere close to it. Continue reading “F*** You Martin Scorsese!”