Why Did It Take So Long For Black Widow?

Black Widow Movie

She’s been the First Lady of the MCU from the start and now she’s finally getting her own movie! While I’m happy it’s finally happening, I have a huge problem with this…what the hell took so long? We’ve had a trilogy with the big 3, we had 2 Spider-Man movies, we had 4 Avengers movies, we had Captain Marvel! Why did it take so long?

While I have no complaints about any of the movies I’ve mentioned and about the MCU, it seems really bizarre that it took over 10 years for Black Widow to get her first movie. From what is being explained, it’s taking place between Civil War and Infinity War.

So my theory is that while Natasha is going to be in the movie, it’ll be more focused on Yelena and she’s going to take over the mantle of Black Widow in the Avengers. But I find that it’s a little bit of a slap in the face to Natasha, I am aware she’s a fictional character but the character deserves better respect.

It’s also said that this is going to be the swan song goodbye that the character deserves. I am certainly looking forward to this movie, I am just finding it bizarre that it took so long to make, she was established long ago, she was a beloved staple in the MCU long ago, it should’ve been the final part of a trilogy rather than her first movie.

Marvel is making the way to more diversity and inclusion which I totally respect, but this is one situation that should’ve been done properly before. I am looking forward to Black Widow, I will watch it opening day and I will continue to watch the MCU. I just feel this should’ve came out long ago!

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