The Top Women Of Gaming!

Women Of GamingSince it was International Women’s Day, I will be doing more female focused content this week. As with majority of my articles I have based my selections on the criteria that these are women in gaming who have made a significant impact to gaming, made a strong presence and were not just in a single game, but also built and have been in a constant respective franchise.

Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

Lara Croft
Lara Croft

Seriously do I need to explain? She is arguably the pinnacle of women in gaming. A series which easily could’ve coped out and put a male character they took a risk and added Lara instead and there’s no looking back. She’s become a symbol of women in games, has had 2 movies, and even has been on over 1100 magazine covers, beating basically any supermodel! While I wasn’t a big fan of the original games, the new reboots are just amazing and Lara has never been more badass!

Jill Valentine – Resident Evil

Jill Valentine
Jill Valentine

Trained in many weapons and combat skills, the zombies or any BOW have no chance against her. While possessed she was able to have enough willpower to show how to cure herself and needed 2 people just to subdue her. Nemesis is arguably the greatest villain in the Resident Evil franchise and Jill was the only one who was able to take him down! While I like Alice in the movies, Jill should be the real star!

Samus Aran – Metroid

Samus Aran
Samus Aran

The original Queen of gaming! Metroid is one of the best series in gaming history, when you first played it you thought it was a guy the whole time and then boom, caught everyone by surprise! You were playing as a girl the entire time! She’s got a suit that could give Ironman a run for his money and she’s a skilled solider. Her gender reveal is one of the biggest twists in gaming history and no one has cared Samus is a girl ever since!

Princess Zelda – Legend Of Zelda

Princess Zelda
Princess Zelda

While only playable in the Smash Bros games and rescuing her is a constant, she really isn’t that much of a damsel in distress as many other princess characters in games. Even in Ocarina of time they pulled a Samus and showed that the Sheik was her the entire time (Over 20-year-old game, no longer a spoiler!). They need to have princess characters like her!

Sonya Blade – Mortal Kombat

Sonya Blade
Sonya Blade

She’s been there from the beginning and has been in every incarnation, including the movies, show and web show! In an era where female fighters were rare in video games she game on to the scene and is basically the poster child for women like Sub-Zero is for the men! While many would argue it’s Kitana, again Sonya was there from the start!

Chun Li – Street Fighter

Chun LiThe original woman of fighting games! Even made her an Interpol agent! She’s one of the big 3 of Street Fighter with Ken and Ryu and has been in every installment of the franchise and has always been one of the most popular characters. She has not only been in the so awful it’s amazing movie, but even had her own movie (which was just awful). She is even one of the only 2 Capcom characters to be in every installment of the Marvel Vs Capcom Series.

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