Best Mario Game For Each Nintendo Console!

Mar10Happy Mar10 Day everyone! As a child of the 80’s I grew up on Nintendo and Mario Bros. games, it is not just nostalgia, it’s also a series where there is almost no bad game! So for today I want to talk about my favorite Mario game from each console! Some of main Mario games for each console I never really had the chance to play let alone finish and I currently haven’t started Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch yet so I will skip the Switch. But here they are!

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) – Super Mario 3

Super Mario 3I will start off with my favorite game of all time! Even after over 30 years it still holds up in quality, fun and gameplay. It pushed the NES to its technical limits from graphcis to gameplay and added new features to Mario which are still present today, such as selecting your own level and keeping power ups on hand to use at a later time.

Game Boy – Super Mario Land 6 Golden Coins

6 Golden CoinsWho knew that Wario would become such a prominent figure in the Super Mario universe! The first Mario game on the Game Boy was a standard Mario game, this one wasn’t! With new unique powerups and technology that pushed the Game Boy to its limits, it really set a new standard for handheld games.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) – Super Mario World

Mario WorldTechnically the only real Mario game released on the SNES, it was the game released with the console which set up sky high expectations for one of the greatest consoles ever made. With new gameplay mechanics that we’re not seen before (The cape flying) and the introduction of our beloved Yoshi! It’s still fully replay able and enjoyable today!

Nintendo 64 (N64) – Mario Kart

Mario Kart 64I never had an N64 so I don’t have much say in this, but I did play Mario Kart quite a bit! It was a huge jump from the original and added better mechanics and tracks! While it isn’t my favorite Mario Kart, it started the trend of the series getting better and better as each title went along!

Nintendo GameCube – Super Smash Bros Melee

Smash Bros MeleeI never had a Game Cube either, I felt Super Mario Sunshine is the weakest game in the Mario anthology, so the only other game I can really think of is Smash Bros. It was a huge jump technically, graphically and gameplay wise form the original. With an ever bigger roster and more power ups, it made realize, this isn’t just a fan service, this is something legit!

Nintendo DS – New Super Mario BrosMario DS

So almost forgot about this one!  This one was a great balance of the 3D graphics and the 2D style platformer!  It was a ton of fun, brought back a lot of nostalgia and had some of the best powerups in any Mario game!

Nintendo Wii – Super Mario Galaxy

Mario GalaxyMario was never the same again! This was a new level of awesomeness that brought back nostalgia but also brought in new fresh stuff that blew our minds. Mario was able to walk around levels, the new powerups were unique and fun and the music was great!

Wii U – Super Mario 3D World

Mario 3d WorldThis was a rare case of a Mario game being rage inducingly difficult! The level design was amazing, it was very focused on the Cat Suit power up but it also brought in some of the old classics! It was also a great balance of exciting gameplay with challenging puzzles. It was a great Mario game, but in reality that’s all it was, a great Mario game.

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