Why Did It Take So Long For Black Widow?

Black Widow Movie

She’s been the First Lady of the MCU from the start and now she’s finally getting her own movie! While I’m happy it’s finally happening, I have a huge problem with this…what the hell took so long? We’ve had a trilogy with the big 3, we had 2 Spider-Man movies, we had 4 Avengers movies, we had Captain Marvel! Why did it take so long?

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Why Your Collection Isn’t As Valuable As You Think!

We all at some point or are still collectors, whether it’s comics, action figures, sports cards, movies, albums and etc. We’ve been collectors, we enjoy it and some of us do it so the item increase in value then you can sell it at a later date. Or so we thought… Continue reading “Why Your Collection Isn’t As Valuable As You Think!”

F*** You Martin Scorsese!

Not Cinema! That’s what Martin Scorsese says about the MCU and other similar types of movies. He’s part of an annoying old-school ass backwards generation who doesn’t realize the times are changing. Frankly, I feel he’s jealous these movies are constantly making a billion at the box office while he’s come nowhere close to it. Continue reading “F*** You Martin Scorsese!”

Top TV Shows of the 2010s

So this list will be a little different, it won’t be the show per year, it’ll be shows which have been active within the decade and were still good during the decade (The Office and How I Met Your Mother in the 2010’s was terrible!). Also these are shows that I’ve watched so Game Of Thrones isn’t going to be here. Also decided not to include Family Guy or the Simpsons . Continue reading “Top TV Shows of the 2010s”