Weak Teams With No Future!

Being a sports fan is a thankless thing, it really is. If the team wins we get a moment of happiness, if the team loses we just wasted our time watching them play, either way in the end we get nothing out of it. Granted there are teams which are constantly successful and we get more of those moments of enjoyment out of it, but then there are some who are just painful to watch always and even when they give the false hope of a bright future, they go on to disappoint again and again. Here are some teams who are constantly disappointing and continue to be, with no real bright future in sight!

Ottawa Senators

Of all the NHL teams in Canada, this one is always the most forgotten. A year after they were 1 goal away from making the Stanley Cup Finals they completely went to shit. They’ve consistently been one of the worst teams in the league and have made ridiculously poor trades and draft picks. They can also never seem to keep any of their stars, they end up leaving and achieving great success other places. Not to mention their fanbase is terrible, they’re inconsistent and never stand behind the team if they feel something bad is about to happen. As much as I hate to say this, I wouldn’t be surprised if this team relocates one day.

Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte HornetsNow as a Raptors fan, I have seen the Raptors have some awful seasons, unwatchable seasons it was that painful. But historically, Hornets are quite possibly the worst! They’ve had very few stars in their prime on the team, they have almost no playoff success and even had the team relocated. They came back, but they’re still not good. They tend to also make poor draft choices and with their limited success they lose any strong players to offseason signings. Even with their poor history, they can’t seem to win any lottery picks in the draft.

New York Knicks

New York KnicksWhere do I begin? Oh let’s start with James Dolan! This guy is an absolute parasite, he’s terrible to fans, he’s arrogant, intrusive and won’t let anyone in the organization do their job without his interference, plus he’s a huge asshole! This is a team with virtually unlimited resources, they can’t find a good coach, they can’t make good trades, they draft poorly, they literally can’t do anything right! They couldn’t even succeed with Phil Jackson! Despite all this, with James Dolan you can’t help but to enjoy the disastrous turmoil the Knicks are in!

New Jersey Devils

New Jersey DevilsOh how the mighty have fallen! There was a time where they were unstoppable, where they were feared, where they were kings. But has things changed but it really shouldn’t be like this. They’ve had good draft picks, they had a Hart Trophy winner with Taylor Hall they now have a superstar Defenceman with PK Subban, so why are they underachieving so badly?

Minnesota Wild

Minnesota WildWhen Zach Parise and Ryan Suter everyone figured the Wild were onto big things, but that really hasn’t worked out the way it was supposed to, they make the playoffs but they haven’t made that huge of an impact. They tend to be forgotten in the NHL world and even in the Vikings obsessed state of Minnesota, they don’t tend to attract big name free agents and haven’t been able to retain most of their stars besides Parise and Suter, but that appears to be changing soon.

Arizona Coyotes

Arizona CoyotesWhy is this team still around? So many times they’ve had trouble filling up seats, getting people to attend the games and even gaining the slightest bit of an interest! They rarely make the playoffs and even when they do, no one really notices or cares. Every time it seems like they’re on to something special and ready to turn their fortunes around, it eventually falters. Just relocate this team and give up on the idea that Ice Hockey will work in a desert!

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland CavaliersWell, can’t blame them for doing this badly…right now. They did lose the greatest player of all time and you’re certainly going to have setbacks. But they only lost one guy, granted LeBron is on a whole different level than the rest but they shouldn’t be this terrible. I mean they did build a team and Kevin Love isn’t terrible. Even when they got Kyrie, they weren’t able to find success after LeBron, I can only see some painful years coming for this team unless they are able to draft the next GOAT. But who knows when he’ll come and who he’ll be!

Miami Dolphins

Miami DolphinsPlain and simple, they haven’t had a Quarter Back since Dan Marino and even he couldn’t win a Super Bowl with them! The players hate being there, you could make a drinking game out of the Quarter Back carousel it’s ridiculous. While they’re in a division which has been dominated by Tom Brady, they should at least be competitive and put up a fight, not considered a By-Week for most teams.

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