Guns Akimbo Review

This came out a while ago, didn’t have a wide release and wasn’t really known mainstream too much however, it certainly peaked my interest. I looked at it with some Scott Pilgrim Vs The World vibe. It had some, but it also didn’t but either way it was a ton of fun!

Do you see Daniel Radcliffe or do you see Harry Potter? Let’s face it we all see Harry Potter, but he really is trying to shake off that image and you have to respect the man for putting in the effort. He actually does suit the role very well, you do like him and are rooting for him the entire time. The Bad guys are actually scary and deranged where you actually are terrified of them, then there’s Nix who is scary but you also see that she is a damaged person and sympathise with her.

As much as I love graphic violence, they may have crossed the line a few times with some unnecessary deaths. Besides Miles and Nix, there wasn’t any real character chemistry. And they made the bad guy evil for the sake of being evil, he had no mission he had no reason for his madness, he was just basic. Plus the plot in general is ridiculous, but that’s probably the appeal of it! This however, would be more suited as a game rather than a movie and it would be a fun one at that!

It was a fun ride from start to finish, which makes you wonder if there is the possibility of a sequel. I give this a 7/10


  • Harry Pot…I mean Daniel Radcliffe doing a different role
  • Video Game feel
  • Fun and exciting throughout
  • Sequel potential?


  • Violence may have crossed a few lines
  • Too many forgettable characters
  • Weak character chemistry
  • Basic villain

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