Why I Don’t Want The Leafs To Win The Cup For 5 Years!

Leafs Stanley CupThe Toronto Maple Leaf’s just made history, as the first team in NHL history to lose to a Zamboni Driver! Growing up in Hamilton, Ontario I’ve been a fan of Toronto teams since I’ve lived here. So as a Toronto sports fan it must seem awkward that I don’t want the Leaf’s to win anytime soon. But in all honesty, I don’t! These are my reasons why!

They don’t deserve too!

Rebuild after rebuild, draft after draft, trade after trade, coach after coach and what do they have to show for it? Shit all! This is considered the mecca of the Hockey world and they have nothing to show for it, every year false promises, under performing and we’re still stupid enough to watch and believe still. This needs to stop, they need to learn their lesson and show up! And must I mention again…they lost to a Zamboni driver!

They’re not a fan team!

So when you watch a Leaf’s game, you’ll notice the lower bowl is just a bunch of pretentious corporate suits, who are most of the time not even watching the game, they’re just showing up, in a meeting or not even in their seats. But that really symbolizes Hockey, it’s a privileged sport and it caters to the privileged. It doesn’t appeal to a mass audience anymore and it’s showing more and more, day by day. Also, they don’t do any fan interactions during the game at all, they don’t hype of the audience or really do a lot of giveaways.

They will raise their ludicrous prices!

It’s pretty well known the Leaf’s are an expensive team, when it comes to ticket prices, they’re always the most expensive, their jerseys also up there and any of their other merchandise is usually ridiculously overpriced. If they win, they’ll just raise their prices more for everything, while it’s a common practise when teams win championships, they are already charging like they are one already, when they don’t deserve to!

Hockey tears the country apart!

Yes I know we only have 1 NBA team, but I’ve never seen the country unite and cheer for one team that wasn’t the National Olympic Hockey Team. Flames fans hate the Oilers and vice versa, same with Habs and Leaf’s and so on and so on. So even if the Leaf’s win the Cup, will you see everyone as excited and happy as they were for the Raptors, hell even the Blue Jays? Nope! We will have plenty of people pissed off that their team didn’t win. It’s this kind of dumbass shit that making the NHL lose its appeal!

What the Raptors and TFC have don’t will be sidelined.

We still speak affectionately and proudly about the Blue Jays World Series win, regardless of how long ago that was. And we are still fans of the Blue Jays for most part and had the Leaf’s won a cup, that could’ve been forgotten. The Raptors and TFC are going to create a new generation of Canadian, Basketball and Soccer players that frankly need to happen. Hockey is dying in Canada and we need our youth to pursue other options!

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