Sonic The Hedgehog Review

Sonic Review

So when the first trailer came out, we were all expecting a dumpster fire as most video game movie are. Then they actually listened to fans and changed Sonic’s look, then we became cautiously optimistic. But as history has shown, a video game movie is something to be concerned about, but this time the concerns were taken care of! This wasn’t going to be a Uwe Boll piece of shit video game movie, this is now the start of a movie franchise!

I feel they did the first version of Sonic on purpose, to get people talking about how terrible it looks and to create notoriety and word of mouth for it. And then changed it to proper Sonic and we were all happy and excited, similar to how I think Disney and Sony did the Spider-Man situation on purpose!

But enough about that, the movie was a ton of fun! It’s exactly what you were expecting, a movie about a video game character if he was living in our world. Showing a rarely seen origin of Sonic and Dr. Robotnik. It was also consistently funny and entertaining, with some great Easter Eggs that brought you back some vintage gaming nostalgia. As outrageous as Dr. Robotnik is, he was actually evil and crazy with a serious God complex, something that was not expected.

However, let’s keep in mind, the story is pretty basic and silly and for a video game movie, the standards are always low so it wasn’t hard for this movie to be likeable. And the human characters were pretty cheesy and prototypical. Some were also unnecessary and forgettable, also I felt it took too much time on Earth and not enough on Sonic’s planet.

But in the end it was fun and was appealing to adults as well as kids. I give this a 7.5/10


  • Sonic
  • Fun and entertaining throughout
  • Dr. Robotnik was legitimately evil
  • Fun for adults and kids


  • Cheesy dialogue
  • Low expectations going in
  • Story is pretty basic

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