Marriage Story Review

So…This was painfully depressing to watch… Who knew that Kylo Ren and Black Widow could act so well! Well that isn’t fair, they are both trained and talented actors which is probably why the movie gave such a morose feel to it.

During the movie they did genuinely try to make things go civil and did show they did still care for one another, they just weren’t suited as a couple. But as with most divorces, especially when a child is involved, it’s bound to get ugly and did it ever!

The direction and editing was done amazingly, there are a lot of long cuts in this movie that you can tell took a long time to shoot. It was a realistic take and it did show that in the end all that matters is the well being of their kid. Overall well done movie, just painfully depressing. I give this a 9/10


  • Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver
  • Direction and editing
  • Realistic and grounded


  • Very slow pace
  • Painfully depressing
  • Kid was a bit of a brat
  • Should’ve been called, Divorce Story…just saying

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