Knives Out Review

Ever played Clue? This movie was essentially the game of Clue, in a great ensemble cast in a Whodunit! It was well paced, filmed really nicely and kept you thinking the whole time! Not to mention a few of the actors played roles we’re not usually used to seeing them as.

In a unique take on the murder mystery genre, this was about the patriarch of the family who appears to have committed suicide however, many unusual events with his whole family begin piling up. A private investigator is hired anonymously to find out what really happened and whodunit. This was a case where everyone was a suspect, with strong evidence.

Despite everyone being a suspect, the big reveal isn’t surprising, due to the fact the character was a complete asshole. However, not everything was as it seems. I give this a 8.5/10


  • Characters
  • Seeing Daniel Craig and Chris Evans as different type of characters
  • Engaging and thought provoking
  • Well paced
  • Art direction


  • Main bad guy wasn’t a surprise

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