Onward Review

Onward ReviewTheatres are closed and I was really looking forward to watching Onward but won’t get a chance to. However, thankfully Disney allowed this go to digital basically right away and I am so glad they did! Majority of Pixar movies besides Coco and Inside Out have been sequels so it was great to see an original story again and it was a great one!

It’s a situation none of us ever want to be part of, growing up without a parent. It was done in modern times, but with mythological creatures (Unicorns were treated like racoons). It had great family dynamics, whether it’s the Mother-Son relationship, Brothers, Step-Father and Kids it was well done all around. It was consistently funny, it had a unique style to it blending both mythology and modern day. Plus the Dungeon and Dragons influence worked really well and didn’t feel overly forced.

Besides the main cast, the characters are mostly forgettable and you forget they exist till you see them again. As loveable as Barley is, he did make you cringe at time and Ian was unnecessarily a dick at times (Though understandably). There were some unnecessary conflicts which didn’t really affect the plot much and while they were done well, they were resolved predictably.

In the end it’s another Pixar gem which is rewatchable, will make you laugh, pull your heart strings and frankly help us escape the Covid-19 situation, even if just temporarily. I give this a 8.5/10


  • Beautifully Blending 2 Worlds
  • Great Family Dynamics
  • Relatable Story
  • Funny And Heartwarming Throughout


  • Unnecessary Conflicts
  • Forgettable Side Characters
  • Barley Can Be Dumb At Times
  • Predicable Resolution Of Conflicts

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