Daniel Craig: The Best Bond, Change My Mind!

No Time To Die

So with the latest No Time To Die trailer out, it’s made me hated 2020 even more since I can’t wait to see it however, I’m all but certain it’s going to be delayed again. For me, this era for me has been the best era of the James Bond saga and it also made me realize, Daniel Craig is the best James Bond we’ve had…Hear me out! Continue reading “Daniel Craig: The Best Bond, Change My Mind!”

Superman: Man Of Tomorrow Review

Superman Man Of Tomorrow

So as mentioned the DC Animated Movies are leaps and bounds way better than the DCEU movies and it all ended when Apokolips War came out. Then they had mentioned that they’re starting a new one and Superman: Man Of Tomorrow is going to kick it off Continue reading “Superman: Man Of Tomorrow Review”

Onward Review

Onward ReviewTheatres are closed and I was really looking forward to watching Onward but won’t get a chance to. However, thankfully Disney allowed this go to digital basically right away and I am so glad they did! Majority of Pixar movies besides Coco and Inside Out have been sequels so it was great to see an original story again and it was a great one! Continue reading “Onward Review”

COVID-19 Chronicles Part 4: What To Watch And Where

Covid 19

So while we are Social Distancing during COVID-19 we’re trying to find our ways to keep entertained and not overwhelm ourselves. We all need ways to entertain ourselves to keep our minds off the whole situation. So I’ve been looking at movies and shows I’ve watched on all streaming services to see what I would recommend and here they are! Continue reading “COVID-19 Chronicles Part 4: What To Watch And Where”

COVID-19 Chronicles Part 2: Using Technology To Help

Covid 19A lot of people complain about technology and Social Media, complaining about cellphones but let’s look at how it’s actually helping us keep connected and informed during COVID-19. During our Podcast recording session we were discussing how had this situation happened 20 years ago, we actually would be in a much worse situation because plain and simple, the technology wasn’t there. Continue reading “COVID-19 Chronicles Part 2: Using Technology To Help”

Bombshell Review

Bombshell Review

The #MeToo movement has really helped a lot of people and even saved some. It exposed many creeps for the monsters they really are, to the point you’re in disbelief that what happened, actually happened. That’s what I felt after watching Bombshell, it hard to believe that even people as powerful and popular as Megyn Kelly and Gretchen Carlson…but it did. And it leaves you with a sick feeling in your stomach. Continue reading “Bombshell Review”

1917 Review

There are countless World War 2 movies and plenty are actually really good however, you don’t’ see that many World War 1 movies. Then comes along this masterpiece! I was completely blown away from beginning to end, it was unlike any war movie I’ve ever seen before, not just as a war movie, but as an amazing cinematic experience! Continue reading “1917 Review”

The Best Sequels

Everything is getting a Part 2 now a days, even some that are unwanted and unnecessary! But sometimes it turns out to be something special. While many feel that you can’t compete with the original, there are some that outdo the original. Here are the best sequels that I’ve seen, keep in mind, these are just part 2 of a franchise and wouldn’t include any part 3 or more. Continue reading “The Best Sequels”

F*** You Martin Scorsese!

Not Cinema! That’s what Martin Scorsese says about the MCU and other similar types of movies. He’s part of an annoying old-school ass backwards generation who doesn’t realize the times are changing. Frankly, I feel he’s jealous these movies are constantly making a billion at the box office while he’s come nowhere close to it. Continue reading “F*** You Martin Scorsese!”