The Rise Of Skywalker Review

It’s the end of an era! I will again say I am not a Star Wars fan and I mainly watch the movies for the hype, I’m one of the few who actually liked The Last Jedi! So this one was necessary to see as it’s the last movie of the decade.

The pacing of the movie wasn’t great, especially in the first 15 minutes. While the scenes were done well and they were important, it felt really rushed. I really can’t express how Lando, was criminally underused and should’ve came into the trilogy much sooner. It didn’t feel like an epic end to a legendary series, it felt like it was just a good Star Wars movie. What should’ve been done, was this movie’s story should’ve been expanded, to make this movie 2 parts rather than having The Last Jedi as the second part of the series.

As with the rest of the movies in this series, it was filmed beautifully (Granted CGI heavy) and each character received a balanced amount of screen time (Besides Rey and Kylo who received the most). Also the cameos were relevant and provided great nostalgia (Again Lando was criminally underused). As usual with any Star Wars movie, the character interactions were great. Let’s not forget the one part I feel was the biggest “OH SHIT” moment about a characters backstory.

Also, I feel the tragic death of Carrie Fisher really hindered this movie from becoming the truly epic conclusion the movie should’ve been. I give this a 7/10


  • Beautifully filmed
  • Shocking character backstory
  • Cameos
  • Character interaction dynamics


  • Felt rushed
  • Lando criminally underused
  • Didn’t have that epic conclusion feel to it
  • Carrie Fishers death certainly had unfortunate repercussions

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