My Top Movies Of The 2010s

In a decade in which I’m sure I’ve seen over 100 movies, it was really hard to narrow down which ones I liked the best. We were in the decade of the MCU, that alone could’ve filled up this list (Besides Dark World) but in the end to not make this list redundant, I only chose 1 MCU movie. I also tried to be as diverse as possible with my selection! But here are my top movie of the 2010s!

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

I can watch this movie over and over and never get bored! Such a great concept, this is a movie that actually made you feel like you’re watching a live video game. The characters are fun, the story was fun, and it was hilarious from start to end.

Toy Story 3

Who was cutting the onions during the incinerator scene? We were trying to watch a movie about characters we grew up with and loved our whole lives, how rude! Such an amazing balance of heart, humor and enjoyment. While Toy Story 4 was still great, this felt like the true ending to the series. This movie will go down as a masterpiece for future generations. This I felt was the true ending of one of the greatest movie series we will ever experience.


This didn’t feel like a great Bond movie, this felt like a great movie! Daniel Craig is my favorite James Bond, he’s cold, ruthless yet vulnerable. Skyfall had strong connections to each character and gave a sympathetic villain which is a rarity in the Bond series. It shows Bond is who he is and he can’t stop being himself. Plus, how often do you see James Bond cry?

Man Of Steel

Personally I don’t get the hate for this movie? So many people were nitpicking and bitching about this movie, whether it was too violent, whether Superman was too powerful, whether he isn’t supposed to kill? I loved this movie, it was fast paced, action packed, gave a grounded take on Superman and really needs a sequel!

Django Unchained

I’m not the biggest Tarintino Fan, but this movie was incredible! For me this movie felt like a scripted documentary of the times of slavery. Many people complained about the use of racial slurs, but that was the reality and in all honesty, must’ve been much worse! Everyone was great in this movie and the fact that Samuel L. Jacksons character was the true villain in the end left you completely shocked and disgusted. Let’s not forget that Leo actually sliced his hand, stayed in character and finished the scene!

Mad Max: Road Fury

This movie was just one long action scene and it was awesome! The art direction had a certain dark and demented beauty to it. While I feel it was more of Charleze’s characters movie rather than a Mad Max movie (Especially since Max barely talks the whole movie) it still just a ton of fun with great substance.


I knew a day would come where Hugh Jackman was no longer going to be Wolverine, but man I still wasn’t ready for it, especially since this movie was so great! With the R rating, it had to be more grounded effects wise, but substance wise it was unbelievable. The dynamic between Logan and Laura was done so well, the dystopian world that they live in now was heart breaking and those small comedic moments (Especially Professor X’s) took some tension away.

Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse

Hear me out, this technically isn’t a MCU movie! Fans know about Miles Morales, but the general audience doesn’t and it was most people’s introduction to him and it was a great introduction! Not many movies reflect the multiverse theory and do it well, but this movie did it well! Each of the Spider-Men/Women in this movie brought their own unique qualities and quirks to offer. Miles is not just a replacement for Peter Parker, he is his own Spiderman with lots to offer and we can only hope to see him more often in the future and even into the MCU!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Had it not been for the MCU, it would’ve been the decade of Star Wars and while I’m not a Star Wars fan (I enjoyed The Last Jedi) this was the one I enjoyed the most. I went into this movie knowing nothing of what it’s about, so the fact it was technically episode 3.5 really blew my mind. The characters were all great and enjoyable and let’s not forget the Darth Vader scene!

Avengers: Infinity War

This is my favourite movie of the MCU (More on that later), this was a hard choice to make for obvious reasons. But this movie really left a huge impact, there was something big happening every 5 minutes in the movie (It started with Loki dying!) and it just kept going and going. It was the riskiest movie in the MCU, taking huge risks and making it fun, action packed and emotionally torturing! It ended in a way that everyone kept talking about it till we finally got to see Endgame because, we had no ideas what they were going to do!

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