Brittany Runs A Marathon Review

So this was definitely an unexpected gem! A lot of people including myself will feel like they’re looking into a mirror watching this movie. This was not just about someone achieving their ultimate goal, but also about self-discovery and becoming your best self.

Jillian Bell was perfect for this role, it doesn’t seem anyone could have been more suited. Not that she’s the trainwreck that her character is. Also the deeper messages about having a strong support system, everyone has their own issues and letting others into your life as well as removing toxic ones are done so well you don’t even notice that they were there.

It wasn’t perfect by all means, there are some flaws such as the douchebag love interest and that the progress is initially rushed. But overall it was great, if you’re feeling a little lost give this a watch, it’ll give you a little bit of motivation and let you realize all that matters is to start! I give this an 8/10


  • Jillian Bell
  • Dynamics between the characters
  • Realistic ups and downs of progress
  • Motivating

  • Jern
  • First bit felt a little rushed
  • While realistic, Brittanys pride issues were infuriating

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