Joker Review

Joker has always been and will always be my favorite villain, nothing will change that! A huge part of the Jokers appeal is that he’s full out evil, he has no real origin and you don’t know what made him become the way he is. Which was why I was very conflicted when I heard this movie was coming out. While I was obviously excited I did feel that giving Joker an origin would take away from what he is and have people sympathize with him and having him think he’s a tragic figure.

The movie itself was very well done, it was beautifully filmed and directed. Jaoquin Phoenix was fantastic as Arthur aka Joker, it was grounded and dark! It really left you thinking about the movie afterwards and you were in deep thought about it, mainly thinking…Was anything that happened, actually real?

So while yes I feel it was a very well done movie, I feel that this was made for critics and not for fans. As they really made it more of a mental illness movie which just happens to be based on the Joker rather than a movie about the Joker. I give this a 7/10


  • Jaoquin Pheonix’s performance
  • Dark, grounded tone
  • Ambiguous feel
  • Beautifully flimed


  • Made for critics not for fans
  • Not enough actual Joker

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