Missing Link Review

So I never even heard about this movie till the Academy Awards nominations were announced and I was curious because it gave me the Wallace and Gromit feel. So I decided to give it a try since I love Stop-Motion (Granted this one is CGI) animation. Let’s start with the beautiful animation and art in... Continue Reading →

Top TV Shows of the 2010s

So this list will be a little different, it won’t be the show per year, it’ll be shows which have been active within the decade and were still good during the decade (The Office and How I Met Your Mother in the 2010’s was terrible!). Also these are shows that I’ve watched so Game Of... Continue Reading →

Brittany Runs A Marathon Review

So this was definitely an unexpected gem! A lot of people including myself will feel like they’re looking into a mirror watching this movie. This was not just about someone achieving their ultimate goal, but also about self-discovery and becoming your best self. Jillian Bell was perfect for this role, it doesn’t seem anyone could... Continue Reading →

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