Superman: Man Of Tomorrow Review


So as mentioned the DC Animated Movies are leaps and bounds way better than the DCEU movies and it all ended when Apokolips War came out. Then they had mentioned that they’re starting a new one and Superman: Man Of Tomorrow is going to kick it off

It was good to have characters/villains which aren’t too common in DC mainstream such as Lobo and Parasite. With the art style it was an unpredictable choice to give it a more mature tone, considering it was definitely more cartoony. Also, the way they portrayed Lois Lane as the fearless reporter was near perfect!

As much as I love Superman, it’s really starting to feel they aren’t going to ever make a Dark Knight quality level movie for him. The art style is reminiscent of Batman Brave and the Bold with the way they outline the characters, it both worked and didn’t work. The movie was slow paced to the point it was a struggle at points to watch it, especially since it’s under 90 minutes. And at this point, we all knows Superman’s origin story, even with the additions/changes they made, we don’t need to hear the same story again!.

It is the first movie in a new DCAU however, it was not a strong start and was a struggle to get through. However, it is a different style/take on it so we’ll have to see the next entry to really judge. I give this a 6.5/10


  • Use of less common characters/villains
  • Lois Lane
  • Mature tone
  • No one was coming back from this


  • Slow poor pacing
  • Art Style
  • Boring as a whole

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