Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Review

Apokolips War

Why the hell are the people who are working on the DC Animated Universe not working on the DCEU? Seriously, the movies they made in the animated universe are for most part really good. With great stories, ballsy adult choice and frankly they’ve done a decent job connecting all the movies together! Continue reading “Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Review”

Why Your Collection Isn’t As Valuable As You Think!

We all at some point or are still collectors, whether it’s comics, action figures, sports cards, movies, albums and etc. We’ve been collectors, we enjoy it and some of us do it so the item increase in value then you can sell it at a later date. Or so we thought… Continue reading “Why Your Collection Isn’t As Valuable As You Think!”

Superman: Red Son Review

Superman Red Son Review
The DC animated movies have in most part been significantly stronger than the DCEU, they’ve had better stories, take more risks, aren’t afraid to be edgy and have better character development. For the most part…there have been a few which have been terrible, Red Son isn’t terrible, but it certainly didn’t fully live up to the standards and expectations the DC animated movies have created Continue reading “Superman: Red Son Review”

Birds Of Prey Review

Birds Of Prey Review

Apparently it’s getting a lot of bad reviews and I have no idea why?! So after so long we got a new DC movie, Shazam was a ton of fun so it was finally starting to feel DC was getting their shit together. This one really proved…they are! This was so unexpected of how good it was, it was consistently funny, it was consistently exciting and it made some really ballsey choices! Continue reading “Birds Of Prey Review”

The Best Sequels

Everything is getting a Part 2 now a days, even some that are unwanted and unnecessary! But sometimes it turns out to be something special. While many feel that you can’t compete with the original, there are some that outdo the original. Here are the best sequels that I’ve seen, keep in mind, these are just part 2 of a franchise and wouldn’t include any part 3 or more. Continue reading “The Best Sequels”

The Top Video Games of the 2010s

As the 2010’s are now ending and we’re into a new decade. It’s time to look back at my favorite games of the decade.  I decided to make a list of what I felt was the best game of the year, there are some I haven’t played yet which could potentially have made the list but right now here is what I am choosing! Continue reading “The Top Video Games of the 2010s”

DC Solo Movies

Joker has proved that R-Rated comic movies work! While I wasn’t in on the whole idea of him having an origin story, I did like the idea of the one off movie. However it got me thinking which characters could do a one off side movie and here are who I came up with! You’ll notice quite a few Batman characters. Continue reading “DC Solo Movies”

DCEU Wishes

While they are surely finding a way to fix the mess that is the DCEU, they have a long way to go. They rushed it badly originally and it really fucked it up. So I have a few suggestions on what they can do to fix it! Continue reading “DCEU Wishes”