DC Fandome Highlights

It goes without saying, that DC has been a disaster in recent memory. The DCEU movies have been mostly lacklustre, the shows are getting worse and worse quality wise, the animated shows aren’t what they used to be and there haven’t really been any games since the Arkham Series. So there hasn’t been a lot to look forward to in the DC Universe…till this weekend!

The DC Fandome was an absolutely brilliant idea! Since we aren’t able to go to any Conventions for the foreseeable future, we haven’t had a lot of breaking news, updates or anything big in a very long time. But this event was brilliant and here are a few of my favorite highlights from it.

Gotham Knights Trailer

It seems like they’re continuing the storyline form the Arkham Series where (Spoiler Alert) Bruce Wayne is dead and moving on to using other members of the Bat-Family, this is a risky choice which I absolutely love and the tone of the game seems extremely dark! Also it seems they’re going to be using a lot of villains which aren’t mainstream in the Batman Lore, specifically Talon.

It looks like it’s going to be a great game, intense action and with online Co-Op, it’s going to be a blast to play as a team with friends!

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Trailer

So it was all but confirmed a Suicide Squad game is coming, and now it’s finally confirmed! The subtitle made us all wonder “Why are they going to Kill The Justice League” since Amanda Waller is the mastermind behind the Suicide Squad. However, the trailer answered our questions for us. While no gameplay was shown, it was a trailer that did showcase the potential of the gameplay and the way each character will be used in their own unique way and how they’re going to interact with one another.

To me it seems like the gameplay will be similar to the Arkham series, I hope they make this one Rated M, because it will be brutal what you can do with King Shark!

The Batman Trailer

I still have quite a few concerns about this movie, but I will get to that another time. But wow, the trailer was exceptional! It’s looking to be a very dark, grounded Batman film, the way they’re portraying the characters is down to earth and one interesting take, even Batman doesn’t seem like he’s going to be that much of a “Good Guy”. And let’s not forget the way he beat the shit out of the guy at the end! While I do have plenty of concerns, this trailer certainly intrigued me a lot more!

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