Justice League Dark: Apokolips War Review

Why the hell are the people who are working on the DC Animated Universe not working on the DCEU? Seriously, the movies they made in the animated universe are for most part really good. With great stories, ballsy adult choice and frankly they’ve done a decent job connecting all the movies together!

Apparently this is going to the final movie in the in the DCAU and it brings mixed emotions since it was done really well, yet maybe now they can shift the focus on the live action movies. So the movie starts off with a major war about to begin and then comes a flash forward right away! It was the final showdown that all the movies lead up to. The battles were epic, there was a lot of characters, all from the previous films (Even ones you forgot about) and they all had their part to play in the war. And they didn’t hold back, people died, a lot of people in brutal ways and this time there was no coming back from it. Darksied truly shows why he’s the Alpha villain in DC.

Not sure if it was too late to change, but this movie had a lot of what seemed to be Avengers: Endgame influences. While they did have a lot of characters, they were basically sacrificial lambs that were gone just as fast as they came. Many of the shocking moments were predictable and in the end anticlimactic. And frankly, not a big fan of hero Lex Luthor

If this is the end of the DCAU, it was a great ending and I hope they can shift their focus and efforts into making a great live action universe, because besides its flaws it was a lot better that what the DCEU has given us. I give this an 8/10


  • Different characters taking the lead
  • Took lots of risks
  • Brutally violent
  • No one was coming back from this


  • Seemed to be influenced by Endgame
  • Anticlimactic twists
  • Most characters unnecessary
  • Ending was a copout

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