Extraction Review

Extraction Review

With nothing new coming out right now, it was a refreshing feeling to have something new come out. The days of Chris Hemsworth being Thor are numbered and none of us are prepared for that day. However, he’s going to be a staple in action films for years to come and we have at least that to look forward to!.

This movie didn’t have the anticipation as another Thor movie would, but it did certainly intrigue. Being Indian decent myself, I made me curious since it was filmed in India and they did a great job realistically portraying it. The movie itself was very well directed, it did some great long takes. Also the fight scenes didn’t look too choreographed and the villains were really evil. Chris Hemsworth played the role well and did give a grounded realistic portrayal for his character. It also had quite a bit of intense moments where you genuinely felt scared for the characters. As weird as this sounds, it feels like an Indian movie starring Chris Hemsworth rather than a Hollywood movie taking place in India. And to those Bollywood movie fans, there was plenty of throwbacks to old movies via background music.

It is however, a typical action movie and it’s a story we’ve seen done before. And the “twists” in the movie were pretty predictable. It’s not going to win any awards and it’ll be ultimately forgotten. Ovi was not a likeable character and most of the supporting characters besides Saju were basically forgotten till they came back, if they did!

It is a good time and something new and refreshing to watch. It also shows that Chris Hemsworth will be in movies long after he’s done being Thor. I give this a7.5/10


  • Well directed and flimed
  • Realistic action
  • Enjoyable throughout
  • Bollywood throwbacks


  • Nothing special
  • Predictable twists
  • Most characters are forgettable
  • Ovi was unlikable

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