Jawaani Jaaneman Review

Jawaani Jaaneman Review

Don’t watch a lot of Bollywood movies now a days but figured since nothing new is out I’d give one a shot. It was a coming of age story where a guy gets a huge reality check from his party lifestyle and now needs to take responsibility for past mistakes. It’s a subject we’ve seen before and in all honesty wasn’t anything different.

So it was a lighthearted movie which was mainly funny and wasn’t overly emotional for most of the movie. The growth for the main character and his long lost daughter was nicely done and was realistic. It showed that it’s the connections and relationships with the people around us that truly matter and bring out the best in us.

As I’ve mentioned, we’ve seen this movie before. There were a lot of cliché moments for a story like this and most of the side characters were lost or unnecessary. There were plenty of moments of unnecessary conflicts. Plus, when the baby momma came back, she was painfully unlikeable!

It’s an easy watch, but very forgettable. I give this a6/10


  • Main characters relationship growth
  • Mostly funny and enjoyable
  • Throwback to classic songs


  • Nothing special
  • Plenty of forgettable characters
  • We’ve seen this story before

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