Covid-19 Chronicles Part 10: You’re Not Immune, No One Is!

Corona Virus

You’d think a guy who’s 6’3, 250 pounds of muscle, in their early 30s and a professional athlete would be indestructible…but no. He isn’t, I’m talking about the Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller who has just tested positive for COVID-19 and this one was a shocker.

We all know the most vulnerable of COVID-19 are the senior citizens and lately it feels like retirement centers are becoming a death trap…But there are enough cases of people who in their primes, their 20s and 30s who are still getting it, including cases which became fatal.

We all must do our part, keep the distance, stay at home, and be safe. Because if a guy like Von Miller can get it, literally any of us can. Keep in mind, if you get COVID-19 chances are you’re going to be ok, but passing it on to someone else, they may not be.

Remember, we’re all in this together, the more we stay safe, the faster life can go back to normal. That’s what we all want after all, is normal.

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