Covid-19 Chronicles Part 9: What Will You Be After?

Corona Virus

As expected, Social/Physical Distancing and Self Quarantine is going to be going on longer than we had originally thought. It’s been a while since my last post, but in all honesty there wasn’t much to say and I was trying to do some self-learning which I’ve been putting off for a while. However, it did give me an idea of what to talk about.

What do you want to be when this is all over, we have 3 places we can be when life goes back to normal. We can either be the same, we can either be worse, or we can either be better, it all depends how we handle our time.

To be the same, you just do what you’ve always been doing, the food, same hobbies, same routine. It is those who prefer their comfort zone that will end up being the same as they were before.

To be worse, is in most part out of your control especially those who do suffer from issues such as depression and anxiety. It’s a scary time, it really is and the isolation that Social/Physical distancing brings just makes it worse. You try to find comfort in toxic areas such as food and substances to help you cope. I ask all of you, if you know someone who is vulnerable in a situation like this, please connect with them, send them a text, video call them, hell even share a meme. It could save their life.

To be better is what we all want out of this, it’s the hardest to do, it’s the most demanding, it’s the most time consuming, it’s also the most rewarding. There is plenty of free time, plenty of free resources and plenty of options of what we want to do. Want go drop some pounds? Want to learn a new skill? Want to finish a few projects? Well you can do all that!

When life eventually goes back to normal, we need to face reality the same we had to face this reality. And we can go in it in 3 ways. Which way will you face it? How will you come out of COVID-19?

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