Covid-19 Chronicles Part 8: Control The Bad Habits!

Covid 19

I feel this is something that needs to be said before it gets worse for everyone. We’re all Social Distancing and under Self Quarantine and it sucks, it gets boring, lonely and redundant. And with no real Endgame in sight, it just feels like it’s never ending. Unfortunately it puts us into a vulnerable situation where we could be using substances to cope with it more than usual.

I’m not innocent in this either however, I make it a point that I don’t drink by myself and even now I make it a point that unless I’m hanging out with people virtually I won’t have anything. However, it can add up with the more virtual hangouts that come. We’re all in a vulnerable state right now and we need to be careful because we don’t know when this is over.

It’s said that it takes 21 days to create a habit but this could work in a bad way as well, if you end up abusing substances regularly you could unfortunately become dependent on it. We all need to find ways to make sure we can control it before it becomes out of control.

Don’t let this time we’re using to be safe end up being your downfall, take care of yourself. Go ahead and enjoy just make sure you don’t overdo it.

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