COVID-19 Chronicles Part 7: How To Talk To Each Other!

Corona Virus

We’re all feeling alone and most just miss hanging out with one another. Social Distancing is taking a toll on us emotionally and the boredom is getting painful! However, it doesn’t have to be this way there are many ways for us stay in contact with one another and hang out albeit virtually/digitally! Here are some apps I’ve used lately which have helped me stay in touch with family and friends while COVID-19 is stopping us from fully living our lives!


WhatsappArguably the most common communication in this world besides Facebook. With WhatsApp you can text internationally, share media and documents. You can call anyone internationally (Granted they need to have WhatsApp as well) and now you can do video calls. You can also create chat groups so any specific groups whether personal or professional can stay in constant contact with each other


FaceTimeYou can video chat with each other as long as you each have an Apple device. It now let’s you do conference calls where multiple users can video chat with each other.


HousepartyA new app that has recently gained popularity with COVID-19, it allows conference video chats with multiple users. This one also provides a fun interactive experience where users can play games with each other.


ZoomAnother app which recently gained popularity by creating a virtual conference room where someone hosts. When you open the app you put in the code of the room that the hosts creates.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook MessengerThis one is an obvious choice, most of us have Facebook and by default have Messenger as well. You can do conference video calls along with conference chats.

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