Covid-19 Chronicles Part 6: You’re Not Alone

Corona Virus

Right now we’re in a situation where we feel like shit and you know what…it’s ok. We don’t have our normal lives, not just work and school we can’t do simple things without being scared. We can’t go to the gym, we can’t go grab a beverage from Starbucks, we can’t look for new summer shoes and hell we can’t go to the park!

It’s ok to feel sad, it’s ok to feel stressed, it’s ok to feel lost and scared. We all are feeling this way, we don’t know when the endgame will be or what it will be. You’re not alone, we’re all in the same boat. They say nothing brings people together more than a common enemy and we have that, it’s COVID-19.

But remember, you’re not alone so don’t be alone. Talk to your friends and family. There are plenty of ways now to communicate with each other using various online communication tools. But most importantly, please be safe and be smart let’s end this pandemic sooner than later.

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