COVID-19 Chronicles Part 3: How Will Sports Return?

Covid 19

Who’s been bored without any sports to watch? I am certainly missing watching sports especially how good the Toronto Raptors have been doing this year but it’s all for a best. We watch sports as an escape from reality, for something to cheer for, something to entertain and something to just enjoy. There is a chance that all of our sports will return but there is the chance the seasons are done as we know it. However, should the season resume there should be some changes and I have a few suggestions!

So far the most games anyone has played in the NHL is 71 and in the NBA 67 , making it a 72 and 70 game regular season would even the playing field and be an even split between home and away games. It isn’t too much of a significant decrease in regular season games and it would still be competitive. However, it seems that the NFL season will mainly be unaffected by COVID-19.

However, the MLB and MLS seasons haven’t even started yet, so how are they going to make the season work? Most of us collectively agree that the MLB season is too long with 162 games! It doesn’t really matter till after the All-Star game, even then if your team is remotely competitive. So this season let’s shorten the season and shorten is significantly making it 100 games, it’s still a lot but it could draw a larger audience.

The MLS is beginning to gain traction and this is an unfortunate damper on the growth on the league, However, this is a league where shortening the season may not be required. The season is only 34 games long, maybe shorten the season to 30 games and remove the All-Star game.

But in all honesty in the end the regular season doesn’t matter much, it’s all about the playoffs. Most of us don’t care about the regular season especially for the MLB, if we’re to have playoffs there need to be some changes.

For the NHL and NBA we could look at making the first round a best of 5, reduce the gap to 1 day between games and get it going faster than usual. With this quick playoff format, it could allow the proper rest the players need to ensure a full season. With the MLB keep it the way it is just shorten the regular season. Maybe this could be a trend that can continue, shorten the regular season and expand the play offs.

As I’ve mentioned, it seems by the time the NFL season starts, most if not all of the COVID-19 situation will be all but gone. So at this point, there is nothing to change.

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