COVID-19 Chronicles Part 2: Using Technology To Help

Covid 19A lot of people complain about technology and Social Media, complaining about cellphones but let’s look at how it’s actually helping us keep connected and informed during COVID-19. During our Podcast recording session we were discussing how had this situation happened 20 years ago, we actually would be in a much worse situation because plain and simple, the technology wasn’t there.

We’re being kept up to date with all the information about COVID-19 available at our finger tips whether it’s our Phone, Tablet or Laptop which is something which generations before us never had. How would COVID-19 be if we weren’t so informed so often? I feel that it would be a lot worse, the majority of the people would be ignorant towards it and brush it off. But we are informed and the majority of the people are taking it seriously.

But it’s not just the information part that we’re benefiting from with technology, it’s the communication. The majority of us are Social Distancing and it’s getting to the point a lot of us are feeling isolated and alone. But we are still able to talk to our family and friends, we can text one another, share memes, video chat and plain and simple talk! We can check up on our loved ones and see how they are, see if they need help or just spend time with them. Hell like I said, we had a virtual St. Patrick’s Day! As much as people want to bitch and complain about the negatives of Social Media and Phones (On Social Media and their phones ironically) let’s not forget the positives it’s bringing!

And lastly, the technology is keeping us sane during this time. Whether it’s Video Games, Movies, TV Shows or Creative Hobbies the technology is helping us stay sane. Many people complaining about having nothing to do are ones who tend not to have hobbies, or find hobbies like videogames lame…Well at least we’re not making everyone around us miserable! There is plenty of streaming services like Disney+ (Where you can watch the MCU) that have plenty of things to watch to try to keep your mind off everything.

During this time, technology is what’s helping us the most, whether it’s to be informed, to communicate or to be entertained.

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