COVID-19 Chronicles Part 1: Self-Quarantine Begins

Trying to find a bright light in this dark time, this truly feels apocalyptic and it’s been a bleak depressing time the past few days. I will admit that at first I thought this situation was all but fear mongering however, reality kicked in really hard and my views changed almost instantly. But many people are still underplaying the seriousness of this situation, they need to stop because lives are in danger.

I have a one year old niece and she’s my world so when it really came into light that COVID-19 was a real threat, she was the first thing I got scared about. Fortunately my sister and brother in law had accommodations made to be home and safe with her.

We did a lot of grocery shopping to make sure we were going to be taken care of and be as healthy as possible during this time.

The first few days of this “Self-Quarantine” I tried to keep my mind off things by finishing God Of War for the PS4, I’ve had the game since Deadpool 2 came out so it was long overdue. I unfortunately am a notorious stress eater so my nutrition was taken seriously at all, plus with the gym being shut down, it made it more difficult to care.

After the first few days and realizing that this is going to be the near future and maybe even longer changes had to be made. Yesterday I began finally doing some home workouts focusing on body weight exercises, the eating part I’m gradually changing back but that’s certainly been a challenge. Yesterday for St. Patrick’s Day a few of us video chatted and had a drink together, because in this dark time, we must find a light to keep going.

Nothing unites people more than a common enemy, the world has one this time…COVID-19. This has brought out both the worst and best in people, let’s hope that the best of us will outshine the worst. Stay safe friends, let’s get through this and come out better than ever. Take care of yourselves, work out, eat as good as possible, keep talking to your friends and family, be creative, read, learn something new, just use this time to make the best of it.

Let’s beat COVID-19…Whatever it takes.

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