The Top Female Comic Characters

While the Superhero/Supervillain world is mainly a boys club, things are changing. The women are uprising, they’re becoming more powerful, independent and gaining their own identity and fanbase. A lot of them were set aside and almost forgotten but the times are changing and here are a few of the most prominent female figures in comics!

Wonder Woman

Wonder WomanThe First Lady of Comics, when you think of women in comics the first one you think of is Wonder Woman. An Amazon Queen, A warrior, a fighter, strong will and physically strong. Wonder Woman lives up to her name all around.

Black Widow

Black WidowThe First Lady of the MCU and she’s now finally getting her first solo movie! With fight skills which can put Captain America to shame she’s a skilled assassin who never lets emotion get to her, always on the verge of hero/villain she she’s unstoppable!


SupergirlKnown more for being Superman’s cousin however, she’s equally a hero in her own. She’s got all the powers of her cousin, maybe not as as high of a level but she sure can hold her own in battle. She almost never requires help in battle and she has even been able to show that she can match up with her cousins worst enemies!


StormWhile mainly known as a member of the X-Men she is far from that. She has been the Queen of Wakanda, she has numerous times stepped up to be the Leader of the X-Men. She can control the weather and has been viewed as a Goddess by various character. Wolverine may be the face of the X-Men, but Storm is the heart!


MystiqueCold blooded assassin check, virtually immortal check, always has her best interests at hand…check mate! If there ever was a double agent, it’s Mystique, she switches sides so often you can only bank on she’s on her own side. She is always willing to do what it takes to make sure the mutant race prevails no matter the casualties. Never on the side of good or evil, just on the side of Mystique!


BatgirlAsk anyone who they prefer as Batman’s sidekick between Robin and Batgirl, majority will say Batgirl! There’s good reason, she’s smart, she’s a killer fighter and has the detective skills to match Batman himself. While she’s more known as a sidekick she is more than that. She is able to hold herself in a fight and has many times been the one to save the day, even those rare time Batman can’t!


CatwomanJoker is Batman’s greatest villain (And greatest villain period!) but with Catwoman there is a major complex. Catwoman is able to defeat Batman in a different way, she is the only one who can make him look the other way, she is able to outsmart him and rarely has to fight him. While they know who each other under the mask, it’s their feelings for each other with the masks on that creates the bizarre relationship with each other.

Harley Quinn

Harley QuinnThe newest character on the list and the one true villain. She’s more or less known as the Joker’s partner who always goes back to him regardless of the brutal abuse she suffers. But when she does leave him or is not teaming up with him, she is more than his partner. Just as insane as Joker she can lead her own gang, fight on her own and cause just as much anarchy as the Joker. Makes you wonder if Joker ever permanently died she’d most likely take the mantle of the Clown Princess Of Crime!

Lois Lane

Lois LaneSo she’s the only one here who’s just a “normal person” but doesn’t take away anything form her for being just that. She is more known as Superman’s wife, but she has always been more than that. Take Superman away from her and she’s still a fearless journalist who goes on dangerous assignments without any hesitation. Her journalism skills can even match Batman’s detective skills and has many times been the reason the villain gets defeated, she is no damsel in distress!

Captain Marvel

Captain MarvelWhile she’s fairly new into the MCU and to the casual audience, she’s been around a long time! A super powerful badass girl who could give Thor and Superman a run for their money in a fight. She’s virtually invincible with no known weaknesses, she’s been a strong leader on most teams she’s been on and not only protects earth, but the whole universe!

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