Superman: Red Son Review

Superman Red Son Review
The DC animated movies have in most part been significantly stronger than the DCEU, they’ve had better stories, take more risks, aren’t afraid to be edgy and have better character development. For the most part…there have been a few which have been terrible, Red Son isn’t terrible, but it certainly didn’t fully live up to the standards and expectations the DC animated movies have created

Red Son is based upon a story where Superman landed in Russia and was alive during the Soviet Union Era where instead of a hero and savior, he was more of a Government puppet and soldier taking orders from people the likes of Joseph Stalin. As the puppet, he is given orders and follows them and is manipulated into believing all the Anti-American propaganda. After a while he starts becoming informed about what Stalin is doing behind the scenes and who he truly is. He then decides to become the leader of the Soviet Union.

It was a different take on Superman, not just the fact of him being part of the Soviet Union, but becoming a world leader and political figure. And while the results of his regime provided more positive results, it was viewed as dictatorship and oppressive. The battles were entertaining for the most part.

Since it is based upon a graphic novel series they had to condense the source material into such a small time frame., so a lot of it felt rushed and it crowded with too many characters. Lex Luthor had a pretty sub-par presence along with Lois Lane and I wasn’t a fan of this version of Wonder Woman. This had more of a documentary feel rather than a movie which lowered the entertainment value. Also, the “twist” in the climactic end battle was predictable.

While it was a different take on Superman, it felt too different and this actually could’ve worked as an origin story for a new or different character better than as an alternate reality of Superman. I give this a 6/10.


  • Different take on Superman
  • Battles were entertaining
  • Superman still a good guy besides his methods


  • Poorly paced
  • Crowded with too many forgettable characters
  • Predicable twist during the end battle

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