Console Wars Are Coming Back, The Good, Bad and Ugly

Console WarsSo the big 3 are going to be at war again soon with the Switch, the PS5 and the (Stupidly named) Xbox 1 X. It’s been going on since the late 80s, there doesn’t look like there is ever going to be an end to it, but could there possibly be one eventually?

Many systems have come and gone (Such as Panasonic 3DO and Turbo Grafx) attempting to compete with the juggernauts that are Nintendo and Sony and while only SEGA was the only one who was able to fight a decent battle (Eventually declaring defeat with the Dreamcast), others did not. Till the Xbox came along and it brought in the current big 3!

So while I’ve always been a Nintendo and PlayStation guy, I’ve always disliked the Xbox however, PC gaming is certainly on the rise again ever since Steam has gained popularity. With most of the Xbox library being available on Steam, it’s bringing a new player into the Console Wars.

The Console Wars aren’t necessarily a bad thing, it gives us options, it creates competition, it keeps from one company having a complete monopoly on us, gouging us for money since they would know there is no one there to change anything. Each company also brings their own uniqueness to suit our needs. So each of them, need to one up the other in order to entice us to go with them.

But it’s not without its flaws, Console Wars cause some idiotic arguments about what’s the best system, why you’re wrong and why you’re right. The biggest drawback on the Console Wars, is the exclusives. The exclusives are essentially the main thing that causes us to choose one system over another. Nintendo is notorious for this and does gauge us for money since their exclusives aren’t available anywhere else and they never go one sale…Yet other consoles will eventually discount their exclusives. And even for most part, make them available on other platforms!

However, with the rise of steam and physical games are slowly decreasing in production, there is a chance, the console wars could be a thing of the past!

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