1917 Review

There are countless World War 2 movies and plenty are actually really good however, you don’t’ see that many World War 1 movies. Then comes along this masterpiece! I was completely blown away from beginning to end, it was unlike any war movie I’ve ever seen before, not just as a war movie, but as an amazing cinematic experience!

So the premise of this movie really had me intrigued, it was designed to be filmed as one continuous take, without any noticeable cuts. And did it ever feel like that! It gave the feel that it was happening in real time (For most of the part) and you felt like you were in the trenches with the army. It also didn’t shy away from any ugliness of the Great War. There was plenty of death around the battlefield which gives an unpleasant feel and atmosphere, but that’s how it was on the battlefield and it was the brutally honest truth.

When you watch this movie, you need to give it your full attention for the whole time from beginning to end, you can’t watch it distracted! As great as it was, it really seemed unlikely how all this happened the way it happened, The movie is just under 2 hours, but it goes from daylight to night back to daylight in that time frame…doesn’t seem to plausible, granted one part of the movie the main character gets knocked out. The only other fault I found was there were too many unnecessary A-Lister cameos which distracted from the main objective of the movie. 1 would be totally fine, but there were quite a few which were unnecessary.

This should win Best Picture at the Oscars, it will go down as one of the best war movies of our generation and of all time. I give this masterpiece a 9.5/10


  • Amazing filming, directing and editing
  • Unapologetically brutal and real
  • One of the best war films of all time!


  • You need to give it your full attention when watching
  • Timeline seems flawed
  • Unnecessary cameos

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