The Best Threequels!

Few movies get sequels which are as good as the original. Then there are some which are better than the original, then they have another sequel knowns as a threequel! However, very few threequels are actually good and they often go on to become the weakest entry into what could’ve been an amazing saga (I’m looking at you Spider-Man 3!).  But there are some which do end up not just being good,  but great! Here’s a few of the best threequels that are not only great, but some are the best of the series itself!

The Lord Of The Ring: Return Of The King

So when Lord Of The Rings first came out, I wasn’t interested, Fellowship Of The Ring was on TV one day when I was bored with nothing to do so I gave it a watch…the ending drove me crazy! So then I had to find out what happens next and I really didn’t enjoy The Two Towers. Then comes this movie and it became one of my favorite movies ever! With the character relationships established they were able to interact better and we were able to have a bond with them. The battles were amazing, exciting and action packed. The acting was so underrated it’s criminal Viggo and Sean Aston didn’t get nominations! It became the pinnacle of fantasy films and made the Lord Of The Rings the legendary trilogy it is today, it even gives you a new appreciation for the first 2 films since you can go back and understand what’s going on better!

Die Hard With A Vengeance

While it’s not the best in the series, it was certainly one of the best threequels. Die Hard will always be the best of the series but this one was almost as good, especially since Die Harder was a bit of a letdown. This one was the only one that felt any real connection to previous movies as Simon turns out to be Hans Grubers brother (Spoiler Alert!) and it went from being a cat and mouse chase to a captivating revenge plot. It was consistently exciting and kept you on the edge of your seat with some unintentionally hilarious moments. We all look at Die Hard as a trilogy, the 4th and 5th movies…Do. Not. Exist!

Avengers: Infinity Wars

One of the 2 MCU movies on this list, while it’s clearly not the 3rd movie in the MCU, it’s the 3rd Avengers movie. It was the movie we waited 10 years for and wow was it ever worth the wait! It was a movie you couldn’t talk about for weeks because there was something significant happening literally every 5 minutes, hell, Loki died in the first 5 minutes! It was very well done, the character interactions were great, it kept you guessing and wondering what’s going to happen next. And left you with an ending that broke your soul, kept you talking till Endgame and made you hate Marvel!


I know it’s not the 3rd James Bond movie, but it’s the 3rd Daniel Craig James Bond movie. And it set the standard so high for James Bond! It changed the dynamic between Bond and M from a professional antagonistic one to a personal almost loving one. It displayed a more human and sympathetic Bond showing his childhood home and how he can’t stop being who he is. It was also only the second time really that the series had a personable villain, but this time it was one you actually sympathized with. Of course the action and fight sequences were incredible and intense. It also had some great throwbacks to previous Bond movies, but let’s not forget how literally everyone gave an outstanding performance that were criminally underrated!

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Raiders of the Lost Ark will always go down as a classic, but this one was truly the best of the series! With the disappointment that was Temple of Doom they could only go up, did they ever! With the best action sequences in the series it kept you entertained from beginning to end. This was the first time in the series that had any real character development showing the relationship between Indy and his father, the return of Sallah, the flashback showing the origin of his snake fear and even his fedora! The series should’ve ended with this movie!

Thor: Ragnarok

Of the Avengers big 3 Thor had the weakest movies, let’s face it The Dark World is the worst movie in the MCU. But all that changed with this movie! They changed it to a more comedic tone with this movie with great results. It was enjoyable from beginning to end, it was really the first time you saw Thor unleash his full powers and it really made us love Loki. The other characters brought their own contributions without overshadowing Thor and the Hulk and Thor fight was epic! This isn’t only the best Thor movie, it is one of the best in the MCU!

Toy Story 3

Who’s cutting the onions? The only bad thing I want to say about this movie, the gap of 11 years was way too long! The old gang was finally back together after so long and it was great to see them finally back! The friendship and bond between all of them was better than ever, the new characters were great and hilarious, the story was great, Lotso was actually an evil scary character and the upgrade in technology allowed for incredible animation and artwork. There was not a single person who wasn’t terrified during the incinerator scene!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

So I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan, but this was the movie I felt finally really showed the potential of the series. It actually had a scary dark tone to it that was not expected, mainly due to the dementors. The big 3 were established as a team and you could feel their bond. It also provided more of Harrys backstory with changing reveals about how his parents died and the involvement of Sirius Black. It certainly raised the standard for the series.


It was the best movie in the entire X-Men franchise! This movie should’ve gotten the same acclaim as The Dark Knight did! This was the movie that showed R-Rated Superhero movies work! It was so grounded that it made you feel a guy like Wolverine could exist, but it was truly Laura who stole the show. Professor X was the comic relief and explained a lot of what happened off screen to let us realize what was going on. With it being Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as Wolverine, we figured we’d be prepared…the ending proved otherwise. The fact that this movie only got nominated for 1 Oscar is just criminal.

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