Frozen 2 Review

So when Frozen became an unexpected blockbuster it was all but guaranteed a sequel was coming. What was so great about the first one was it was a new and unique story which isn’t seen a lot now. The sequel is here, but did it live up to the hype of the first movie?

Olaf is one of the most loveable characters in Disney history, he’s hilarious and is pure innocence and you can’t help but to love him so this time there was a lot more Olaf which was great! Since the characters were established there was a lot more options to take risks. The story was unique and had plenty of twists which were unexpected. Like the first movie the art and animation was beautiful.

The end of the movie does take drag a little bit and Elsa’s “Pushing people away” was already done before and felt unnecessary. The ongoing feud between the Arendelle soilders and the tribe of Northuldra who were trapped in the mist was unnecessary since it was going on for decades…And while songs are a staple for Disney animated movie, it felt like there were too many and the songs weren’t as good as the first movie, even though each character got their own song.

The big villains reveal was actually well done and not predictable which is always a great element! I felt it was a supererior movie from the original, but I don’t think a third movie is necessary…even though it will eventually happen! I give it a 9/10


  • Consistently funny
  • Good unpredictable story
  • Villains reveal


  • Too many songs, which weren’t as good as the original
  • Unnecessary ongoing conflict
  • Drags out during the end

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